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Pokerstars New Player Guide - Step by Step

Nopokerface's step by step guide to play at pokerstars.

PokerStars is one of the dozens of poker sites, but one of only a handful of sites with a top-flight reputation. What follows is an essential guide for creating an account, depositing money, and starting to play on PokerStars.

First step: get to the site using a browser.

Pokerstars Website


Click Here. And I do. No whirring, no buzzing, no fancy music. The icon link takes you directly to the download process, and the familiar "Run" window.


With my relatively fast DSL connection, the Run time takes about 2 minutes. What I notice in the background of the download window is a new page that has opened up. It's a friendly help page that explains the download process. But being slightly above "Novice" status, I have successfully begun the process without the help page.

After the download is complete, the initial window asks me to choose a language for reading all information on PokerStars. Is that supposed to impress me that PokerStars speaks so many languages?? Well it does. I choose "English."

License Agreement

Then comes the standard "License Agreement." I suppose it helps to read it, so I do - it's pretty standard.

There are certainly some issues to be familiar with when it comes to poker sites. They're a rare bird because there's an exchange of money involved and there's also public contact, so clauses in the agreement have to address this fact. They have to cover their bases in case there's any fraud involved or attempted, or you use someone's finances other than your own. And then there are other morality issues and "codes of conduct." But since I'm a pretty straight arrow, I'll go ahead and accept their terms. Now it's time to install! Not being any kind of techie, I go with the recommended Express install.


I'm in

I can basically access any game on any table. Yes, it was that simple. But the truth is, most of the top sites on the poker landscape make it very easy to access their sites and download their software. The difficulties are usually to come.

The Lobby

Create an Account

The Account pull-down menu contains the Create Account option. This is where you create an ID or nickname, select an image off your computer - such as one of the poker face offered by NoPokerFace that can be found here - and input all the key information about yourself. While some people like to be silly with some of their answers to protect their anonymity, there are some required fields that are necessary to establish your account.

On the following page(s), you'll be able to enter your bonus codes:

  • Pokerstars Marketing Code: PSP8329
  • Pokerstars Bonus Code: STARS600

Once your new account is confirmed and verified (by email), you can log in.

Buy Chips

Please note that online poker for money might be illegal in your jurisdiction. NoPokerFace does not advise nor suggest that you play if it is the case. It is your obligation to conform to the laws of your jurisdiction.

Play Time!

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