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BetFred Poker Review - Your Online Poker Home

BetFred Poker - The Playtech iPoker-based BetFred Poker room offers a decent range of playing features, and the table format, range of games, and support systems are all up to par with other high-quality poker rooms. However, BetFred Poker has a definite "community" feel, making it seem like you're in an actual in-person poker room, which is difficult to pull off in the world of virtual poker. Plus, there is plenty of action, tons of tournaments, and fun promotions going on every day. When the sizable first deposit bonus is added to the mix, there are plenty of reasons to add BetFred Poker into your poker room lineup.


Like many other online poker rooms, BetFred Poker utilizes the Playtech iPoker software platform, which has won numerous industry awards and become known as a market leader. The servers are quite reliable and the site runs pretty smoothly. The software downloads rather quickly as well, but best of all, it can be downloaded and installed on every major operating system.

After downloading the software and testing out the game platform as well as the player account area, it became quite obvious that the platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Although, being able to download the software, deposit funds, and begin playing in under ten minutes would be a breath of fresh air. Overall, BetFred made a wise choice by choosing iPoker as their gaming platform, especially when the constant action delivered by its poker network is considered.

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BetFred Poker uses a blue and red color scheme that is very pleasing to the eye. The colors work well together and do not clash like the colors found on other sites, which become nauseating after a while and distracts your attention away from the table.

The graphics are up to snuff, but they are by no means revolutionary. In fact, they pale in comparison to the 3-D style graphics of newer poker rooms. However, thanks to the simple graphics, playing multiple tables is both fast and easy, because heavy graphics only seem to bog down the system and slow down gameplay. You can play up to 16 tables at once and move quickly back and forth between them.

BetFred Poker also provides you with the ability to choose your own avatar. However, BetFred can't boast about their customizable features either. At BetFred Poker, there is no choosing hairstyles, clothing, sunglasses, and so on. You simply choose an avatar and begin playing. If you're looking for arcade-style entertainment, you may want to play somewhere else. If you want an aesthetically pleasing poker room with plenty of quality action, then BetFred Poker may be just what you're looking for.


Anyone who plays at BetFred Poker better like Hold 'em and Omaha, because the pickings are rather slim. While many other sites offer 5-card and 7-card games, BetFred Poker only offers Texas Hold 'em and Omaha Hi/Lo games with the ability to choose between pot limit, fixed limit, or no limit. Fortunately, most players today are fixated on the high stakes and intense action of Texas Hold'em, so this will likely not be an issue.

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Like the majority of poker sites these days, BetFred Poker restricts U.S. players from playing in real money games. However, players from the U.K. and nearly every other country can gain full access to a variety of games at different stakes. From $.02/.05 all the way up to $100/200, there are a variety of stakes for every type of player and bankroll. Although, there are plenty of fish frequenting the site, so most of the action takes place at the smaller tables.

Gaming Action

Thanks to the long history of BetFred Poker and the fact that it's tied to the iPoker network, there are more than 40,000 players visiting and sitting down at tables each and every day. The room is scaled automatically and adjusts the number of available tables to ensure that there are always tables available at all the different levels, which means you can always find a table and begin playing without much of a wait time.


In addition to plenty of cash ring games, BetFred Poker offers lots of tournament action. Free Roll tournaments occur daily, most of which draw as many as 1,000 players. There are also bounty tournaments and large satellite tournaments that grant the winners entry into a variety of major world poker events, both virtual and non-virtual.

Gameplay Features

One look at the features available at BetFred Poker and it becomes quite apparent that it was developed with valuable input from top online poker players. There are numerous table options that let you customize the game you are playing to suit your playing needs. There is even a search feature that provides you with the ability to tag fish so that you can spot easy targets. You can also search for friends and sit down for a friendly and spirited game.

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BetFred Poker offers lucrative bonuses, especially for first time deposits, which qualify for a 250% bonus of up to / about $1900. Unfortunately, the bonus does not become available right way, but people who play consistently can cash out a sizable bonus in no time at all.


After setting up an account, depositing and withdrawing funds at BetFred Poker is a simple and hassle-free process. Everyone except for U.S. players can deposit funds via Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, all of the major U.K. debit cards, Moneybookers, 1-Pay, check, or Western Union. BetFred Poker allows for one free deposit per day, but all deposits over $200 can be made free of charge. Withdrawals are processed via the same method you used to deposit funds. However, you can contact customer support to find out which withdrawal method is the fastest and easiest for your geographic location.

Overall BetFred Review

BetFred Poker offers a stable and exciting poker experience with plenty of action every hour of the day and night. Since the majority of action can be found on the lower stakes tables, it may not be ideal for big stack players, but there are plenty of fish to scalp quick profits from. All in all, BetFred Poker is an excellent poker site with numerous features that appeal to novice and advanced players alike.

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