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PokerStars Zoom Poker Review and Strategy

Zoom Poker was launched at PokerStarsRush PokerZoom Pokeronline poker, it was common to see 30 hands per hour live. My, how the times have changed.

Zoom Poker Overview

download PokerStars from the official website and Zoom Poker will be included.

Zoom Poker Strategy

Zoom Poker is still poker, but the fast-paced and constantly changing nature of the game has a significant impact on the strategy implications for the game. The best way to address Zoom Poker strategy is to note the changes to the game and how each change affects the usual poker strategy:

Fast Fold Button
The fast fold button makes the games a little tighter all the way around. Even the most impatient players can fold their garbage starting hands without much thought. Players are now more likely to have decent starting hands when they enter the pot. Your reaction to this should be to play a strict tight-aggressive preflop game. You can also get away with more stealsLarge Player Pools
your table imagebluffsBlind Play
The Best Hand Still Wins
Remember that although the strategy implications for Zoom Poker are different than for traditional poker, you still make money by getting to the showdown with the best hand. You do not need to completely change your game to win. The fish are still the big suppliers of the poker economy. A basic tight-aggressive strategy with a couple of minor tweaks is more than enough to help you succeed at Zoom Poker.

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