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Pokerstars Poker Image & Avatar Poker Faces

You can use the nopokerface poker images as a pokerstars player avatar when you play at their tables. To use one of our images, please follow the following steps:

1. Save one of our poker images on your computer

New Account Registration
2. Click on "Select Image"
3. Select the nopokerface image on your computer

Existing Account
2. While logged in on Pokerstars, Go to "Account", "Select/Change Image..."
3. Click on "Change Image" and select the nopokerface image on your computer

New and Existing Account
4. Use the drag tool of the selection box to cover the part of the image to display. You can stretch the tool to cover the complete pokerstars poker image.

New Account
5. Continue with the registration

Existing Account
5. Click on "Save"