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7 Card Stud - How To Play Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Holdem and Omaha, there was 7-card stud. Before the game starts, all players will post their ante. This ensures that there is money in the pot. The mandatory amount is set before the game starts. The dealer will then deal one card to each player until everyone has three cards in their hand. The first two cards will be face down and the third card is face up so that everyone can see it.

There are five rounds of betting in 7-card stud. The player in the hand with the lowest card facing up will start the bet. If two or more players have the lowest card, then the "bring in" bet is determined by suit in order of the alphabet. This round is called Third Street.

Once all bets are in, the player to the left of the starting better will have a chance to raise, call or fold. After this bet, the dealer will then deal everyone another card facing up. The player that has the two highest cards will start the bet now. Only in this round, can the player that has a pair of face up cards double the bet. This round is called Fourth Street.

Fifth StreetSixth Street.

After this round of betting, the next round is called the Seventh Street round. All players are given one more card facing down. The player who started the last bet will again start this final and last round of betting.

After the betting is complete, all cards facing down are turned over the winner is declared. This is called the Showdown.  The hands of the players are revealed and the player with the best five card hand when using five of his seven cards will take the pot.