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Texas Holdem - How To Play Texas Holdem

(Basic general rules of Texas Holdem)

The idea of Texas Holdem is to have the best hand or knock out (get them to fold) all your competition. Texas Holdem can be played with as little as two players, but ten players are usually playing during a full-table game. Before the deal, the two players on the dealers left are forced to place the first bets. The bets are called the "blinds". The first player to bet is the "small blind" and the second player is the "big blind." These bets are there to make sure there is a bet on the table for every hand played.

Each player is dealt two cards facing down. The two cards faced down are not to be seen by opponents, they are yours and private. After the cards are dealt, the player on the left of the player that made the big "blind bet" will make the first play. They will raise, call or fold. And so on, each player will get his turn in a clockwise motion. After this round of bets, all the money is added to the pot in the middle of the table.

The next round is where the dealer deals three cards face up in the middle of the table. Everyone playing in the game uses these cards. The cards are called the Flop or "community cards." After this deal, the player on the left of the dealer will either check or bet. If he checks, you do not have to bet any chips; if he bets, the rest of the players must fold, raise or call. This is round two of betting and all money is added to the pot.

The next round sees the dealer deal one more "community card" known as the Turn that is placed in the middle with the first three cards. Everyone also shares this card. The first player left of the dealer will once again start the betting or check. When the round is complete, all the money is placed in the pot.

The final round brings out the last "community card" known as the River. Now is the time to look over your hand and see what you have or do not have for betting. The final round of betting now takes place. Each player will get the chance to bet, call, raise or fold, until the action is over.


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