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Your Poker Table Image

Table image is a huge part of poker. What you are communicating at the table with your play is as important as what you are verbally communicating, and both you and your opponents can use this as an advantage. Your table image is the general perception of your style of play at the table. Players will generally fall into being weak-tight, tight-aggressive, or loose aggressive.

There are certain things you can do to use your table image to your own advantage. If you are a loose player seeing a lot of flops, be sure to make your opponents aware of it, as it is how you get paid off. When you pick up a premium hand, and you play it much in the same way, then you are going to maximize your profits. Playing like this will often make your opponents question decisions they make against you.

You can also do the same thing as a tight player. If you have only been betting out pre-flop with premium hands, then people are going to be less likely to call you. Picking up the blinds is an important element of the game, and if you get a caller, often a continuation bet will take it down, and if it is a big flop, then your opponent will be likely to assume you have a made hand and fold. If it comes low and you make a small two pair or something along those lines that is great too, because your opponent will automatically be thinking you have a big holding, or nothing.

Aggressive players are who can take the biggest advantages of their own table image. When you are constantly raising, your opponents will get tilted, and usually, being aggressive pays big dividends. When you pick up a monster, the other players will be so frustrated that they will be playing back at you with marginal hands. If you’re going to be aggressive, do it consistently so that you can take advantage of this.

Online, you often get the option of showing or mucking your hand when you win before showdown. Do not ever turn over the winning hand. If you have the best hand, make them get some more chips in the middle if they want to see it. All showing your winner does for your opponent is give them more information that you do not want them to have. Always keep people guessing, and never give out free information.

One thing you can do to further help your table image as a loose aggressive player is to show some bluffs. Nothing will make your opponent want to cringe more than you showing him you outplayed him with a worse hand. Usually it will cause a player to get tilted and start doubting their own play. What will cause them even more frustration is when they think they have caught you in a bluff a few hands later, and you turn over the nuts.

Whether you are a tight aggressive player, or a loose aggressive maniac, there are certain things you can do to enhance your table image and use it against your opponents. With less and less fish finding there way to online poker, any little thing you can do to give yourself an edge is crucial.