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Blocking Bet

Sometimes you get in a hand that starts out pretty good and maybe even continues good beyond the flop.  But by the time you get to the river, you've got a lot of problems.  For one thing, you didn't improve much.  For another, there are a lot of possibilities on the board that could beat you.  And finally, you're out of position

But when the flop comes J-6-10 with two spades, you're suddenly stuck. 

As a matter of fact, you're now the aggressor.  But your frustration builds when you're unable to chase one stubborn player.  A 2 on the turn has your wheels spinning wondering what he's got. 

Did he slow play pocket 6s?  J-10?  Maybe your bet wasn't enough to scare him off a flush or straight draw.  And then when the river shows the K of spades, you're fairly certain you're cooked.

But how cooked is up to you.  If you check, you're sending the clear message that the K did not help you, and allowing your opponent an opportunity to force you to prove it.  He's likely to lay down as much as a half-pot or full-pot bet.  However, if you lay down a quarter-pot Blocking Bet, he's much more like to merely call you out of fear that you have real strength.  Or, if he has a monster hand, he'll send a clear signal by raising you.  Either way, you come out ahead by losing less.