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Float Play

If you suspect an opponent of committing the cardinal sin of making a Continuation Bet that is merely designed to take down the pot, it may be a prime opportunity to employ the Float bet.


In a nutshell, Floating is to hang around against a Continuation Bettor, wait for them to back off (hope that they will), then pounce on them with a bet in the hopes that they'll lay down their (probably superior) hand.


The proper Float play comes with a few requirements.  For one thing, it requires having a proper read on your opponent as one who is simply making a Continuation Bet.  They played their pocket pair aggressively, but they didn't hit anything on the flop.  But still, they feel compelled to bet.  At that point, you have 3 options.  You can accept their representation that, whether they caught a piece of the flop, they have a good hand and fold.  Continuation Bet or not, you may if you feel so inclined, tip your hat and move on.

Your second option is to come over the top of them.  Force them to commit to the hand.  If it's not merely a Continuation Bet, you'll find out soon enough.  If it is, you'll probably take down the pot.

The other option is to Float.  In other words, simply call – which brings us to the next requirement.  The fact that you won't go away should cause frustration in your opponent, which is generally in keeping with him being Continuation Bettor.  Requirement number 3 is that he check after the turn. 


If things have gone according to plan, now is the time for you to become the aggressor.  You lay down a sizable bet, anywhere from 2/3 the pot to pot value.  At this point, he is fully exposed as nothing more than a Continuation Bettor, and he should lay his hand down.