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Float Play

If you suspect an opponent of committing the cardinal sin of making a Continuation Bet that is merely designed to take down the pot, it may be a prime opportunity to employ the Float bet.


In a nutshell, Floating is to hang around against a Continuation Bettor, wait for them to back off (hope that they will), then pounce on them with a bet in the hopes that they'll lay down their (probably superior) hand.


The proper Float play comes with a few requirements.  For one thing, it requires having a proper read on your opponent as one who is simply making a Continuation BetMOVE IN FOR THE KILL

If things have gone according to plan, now is the time for you to become the aggressor.  You lay down a sizable bet, anywhere from 2/3 the pot to pot value.  At this point, he is fully exposed as nothing more than a Continuation Bettor, and he should lay his hand down.